It seems that at least once a week I hear of a close friend, member of my family or neighbor that has lost their job. Experts (whoever these experts are) say that it can take up to 8 months to find a new job. I hear Suze Orman preaching that we all should have at least 8 months of savings to make it through these tough times. I have cried with friends, helped with resume writing and job searching and even recently celebrated as a close friend FINALLY landed a job after 7 painful months.


What has inspired me is the tenacity of the creative job seeker. With Facebook being the new verb and social networking nearly cataloguing our every thought, I am impressed with the tactics that the imaginative unemployed are taking.


For example, on March 9th, ingenious Californian Jamie Varon marketed herself online, she didn’t want to work for ANY company, she wanted Twitter to take her seriously:


By April 4th she was on the front page of, interviewing with CNN, pursuing a book deal and taking some time to figure out how to get on the Ellen show!


Some copycats followed suit:


I was at the park (herding my 3 cats…I mean kids) the other night and ran into a recruiter at the White Pages, she said she had some open positions, sent out some “tweets” and had 3 resumes that were a perfect fit by the next morning.


A wife decided she needed to take the bull by the horns and market her husband:

I think we will be seeing him soon on Oprah!


What about an online ad:


I have seen Facebook updates where friends are helping friend connect to open jobs. And friends of friends are helping people land jobs:


 Jobtini’s are popping up all over and it’s pretty clear that in a saturated market its not “what you know” but “who you know” or who can you “get to know” to find that job.  


I have heard countless stories of the unemployed spending hours scouring the job boards looking for new posts – but in this market its going to take more than that to stand out against the over-qualified that are in line for the job that you may be under qualified for.


If you search on Job Searching Tips you will return thousands of results…but I would like to hear from you all, what creative networking ideas have you heard of? I want the good, bad and the ugly! I need a laugh today, I am a little tired as 2 munchkins wandered into the bed last night and I had a foot in my face from about 2am on!


Hmm…here’s a thought - I have ALWAYS wanted to work for Oprah (I love ya Microsoft, but Oprah ROCKS), I see that is not yet taken, do I dare??