I may write about this often, as with 3 little kids I tend to use ALL of Microsoft's amazing benefits. But this week I am AGAIN in awe at how "good I have it!" So it started last Tuesday with a massive headache, by Wednesday I decided to call Microsoft's FREE 24 hour nurses line as my colleagues were getting nervous for me with the swine flu hitting Washington. I called and they said my symptoms weren't necessarily related to the Swine thing, but that if I didn't feel better within 24 hours I should get to a doctor. It was nice to just have a re-assuring voice on the other end of the line telling me I was ok, I had thought I was probably fine, but this free service was a blessing.

That night my headache turned into a terrible, debilitating migrane. Thursday morning, my husband was taking my daughter into Children's Hospital for her 4th audiology appointment, so I had to wait until his return to get a ride to the Emergency Room. Finally around noon we arrived at Emergency and I was immediately given some medicine to help combat the pain.

So to sum this up in 3 days I got FREE advice from a certified nurse, FREE emergency care and my daughter was given the BEST care in the state for her hearing issues at NO COST to us! My babies are all under the age of 6, so when one is sick, they all tend to get it...this week we have a combination Flu bug and Croup in the house, I have already called the nurses line and the Croup patient (my 6 year old) will probably be at the Doctor's office tomorrow (again no co-pay or charge to us).

Well time to go make Dentist appointments, all 5 of us are due, we get 2 cleanings a year at no cost! My 9 year anniversary is this Friday and I am continually reminded of how blessed I am to work for this GREAT company!