What is your Microsoft Anniversary date? November 12, 2007


What office do you work out of? Fargo Horizon Office Building


What is your current role? Staffing Consultant


What are you working on? Right now Abigail is working with the MACH Team – Microsoft Academy of College Hires. She is helping them with a variety of projects which include event logistics, editor of their global newsletter, surveying recent MACH class and creating distribution lists for communication. What makes MACH different than a standard college hire? It’s an accelerated career development program with an 18 month on-boarding process, it is also soley for our Sales/Marketing and Services Group. She is also working with her business leader on an organizational review. Abigail currently supports the General Manager of Dynamics and Office Technical Support and also a small piece of Enterprise Developer Support Group. Finally she has devoted time to working on our Staffing Teams Customer Satisfaction, which includes defining processes and identifying best practices for our Staffing Consultants in their interactions/relationships with our internal clients and external candidates.


What do you like most about your role? She LOVES to recruit. People are super excited coming into the company. Her groups are all over the US, if she was to travel to the other sites (Redmond, Las Colinas, Charlotte) she would know either a manager or a recent hire – she has connections all over the place. Most about Microsoft? She likes that it is an open environment, there are guidelines on how to do things, but there is the freedom and liberty to do things the way that works best for her.


Tell me one misconception you had about Microsoft before becoming an employee? That the company was TOO large and there were no personal touch points/aspects to the work we do. When they had the recent flooding in Fargo she was receiving personal emails from our director and our HR Vice President was  keeping the company up to date on ways we could help and support our colleagues.  


Tell me one misconception people have about Fargo? That it snows there every day all day. In reality they have gone a few years without any snow on Christmas. Spring/Summer and Fall are amazingly beautiful!


What makes Fargo unique? The community itself is approximately 120-130K, yet feels small. If you meet someone new and say you work from Microsoft, they will often know someone (brother, father, neighbor). It makes the community feel close. In addition the Microsoft campus is very unique, the demographics of the campus span Microsoft itself, they have employees working on development, product marketing, shared Services, support and sales.


How large is the Fargo office? Roughly 1,000 Full Time Employees with 400-500 vendors


Tell me something funny….They have an Owl family that lives on Campus, Mom and Dad and 2 babies and they nest out back behind the offices. Employees enjoy watching and tracking the owl family. Yes, the Owl’s have been named, but we must keep that confidential to keep protect their privacy.


Here's a pic of our North Dakota gal: http://blogs.msdn.com/photos/heathermcgough/picture9634125.aspx