Name: Bonnie Wu                                                                                                                                         

Title: Support Engineer, Platform Group, Commercial Technical Support

Age: 20’s

Located: Shanghai, PRC

Award: Bonnie was nominated for a MACH (Microsoft Academy of College Hires) Peer Excellent Award

Bonnie is a MACH hire who joined Microsoft APGC (Asia Pacific Greater China) CSS in 2007 with a masters degree in Computer Science from a top Chinese university. She has strong technical and communications skills is very mature and career-driven, beautiful and presentable.

With the help of her “mentor” at Microsoft and continuous learning and improvement, Bonnie Wu has quickly become a strong team player who possess deep problem solving expertise, winning customer confidence with her firm technical and communications skills, and great personality. One of her customers from Thailand once rated her as a ‘10-point engineer. "Dear Bonnie…I would like to vote you as a perfect 10, for you deliver great support above and beyond any points system represents…Many thanks for your great support." Even after the case was closed, this special customer has remained a friend.

With her great performance during her first year, Bonnie was offered additional responsibility as one of the primary contacts on her team to handle cases from Hong Kong customers, who are renowned for their high levels of technical skills and expectation of service delivery in the local IT industry. To better support the customers in Hong Kong, she even studied Cantonese in her spare time.

Relating her first memories of this job, Bonnie said she was very nervous during her new hire orientation before she started taking her first calls from enterprise customers. With the tips shared by her mentor, manager and other team members, she practiced FAQs hundreds of times with an likely “customer” – her cat! When her first day came and went, she handled the customer issues without a hitch. “I’m really confident in handling customers’ questions now. I am confident of demonstrating my expertise in this field in one or two sentences after I’ve reviewed the incident title and basic case log.”

Dubbed the "CEO" in her team (for Chief Entertainment Officer), she is a good example of one who promotes diversity: Bonnie has a wide range of personal interests includes calligraphy, volleyball, and music as well as photography and raising pets (cats, to be exact). She is an active participant in various team morale events, including karaoke and poker games that bring fun and happiness to her team. Since learning calligraphy (Clerical script) from the age of 5, Bonnie has won a number of calligraphy awards nationwide and in her home Province. She was an accomplished member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association in her teens, which normally only accepts adult members.

 Here's a current note from Bonnie:

“For the past few years I’ve been working as member of the Microsoft Services team mainly to support the Microsoft Enterprise Platforms – products like Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, and the recent Windows 7. I work with an incredibly talented team to deliver support and solutions to our enterprise customers. We work side by side with IT staff of our enterprise customers to fix the challenging issues they face with the Windows Server platform and Active Directory. Every day, I step up to the challenges and critical situations our customers encounter from different countries – Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Korea and China Mainland. “


*Here's a picture of Bonnie: