Name: Marian Verzosa

Title: Senior Support Engineer/ Partner Technical Lead – Microsoft Dynamics GP

Age: 28 in years but 18 at heart

Location: Sydney, Australia



Marian Verzosa joined Microsoft in November 2005 with a degree in Business Administration.  What is she doing in literally the world’s biggest technology innovating company?  It’s her passion, her compassion, her drive and her willingness to learn even if it is outside her comfort zone.


In August of 2002, Marian, a university graduate, found herself working as a Technical Support Engineer for the Great Plains (GP) application where she provided support for the North America customers and partners for the Microsoft outsource team in Manila.  With great determination, she handled every support call with the eagerness to learn and to help. 


For 2 years she was mentored by the best engineers that the Microsoft Dynamics GP North America team have.  And in July 2004 she was the first Vendor Technical Lead endorsed by both Sykes Asia Inc. and by the North America Microsoft Dynamics Management team. Her technical and managerial skills were honed during the short time, which was later proved by the Circle of Excellence award presented to her by Great Plains Application in the same year.


In November 2005, she was hired as a Support Engineer by Microsoft.  Joining the ranks of the world’s best in the Asia Pacific region armed with her deep knowledge on the Microsoft Dynamics GP application for the Financial and the Distribution modules. 


So what is she up to now?  Work-wise, she now spends her time juggling between her role as a Senior Support Engineer, her role as the Partner Technical Lead and just recently started learning the Microsoft Dynamics AX financial module for fun at the same time balancing it with her personal life.


“My work day normally starts at 7 am Sydney time to ensure that we are able to meet our New Zealand partner’s queries at the start of their business hours.  As the day progresses, I find myself dividing my work hours between responding to support incidents and working with our vendor team based in Manila.


In hours where there aren’t any MBS GP support queries, I spend time helping our MBS AX support team in following up their cases.  I also allocate some time to learning by reviewing hot topics or going through support incidents to help me become up to date with the latest product issues outside of the modules that I support.


My day involves working with our development team in the US, our Partner Account Managers, our Escalation Engineer,

my colleagues and our vendor team.”



With the unyielding support of her Manager and her peers, she is truly set to trailblaze wherever she goes. Microsoft has not only made a huge impact on her life work-wise but was instrumental in opening her eyes on the realities of the world.  In one of the team events done, she spent an afternoon as a volunteer for the Fusion group which was established to help keep communities closer together fostering camaraderie and the sense of family.  That day really made a difference to her and she has adopted the mantra, “The best things in life are free.”


In addition, Marian has variety of hobbies in spare time, the recently developed interest in photography as well as the lifetime interest in dancing. From her long history of dancing along with the medals gained from the competitions she joined, she has evolved her way to keep going and her love for dancing. The “queen of dance” says she’s now planning on taking Hip Hop classes soon next year because she thinks there’s something about the beat and rhythm of the bodies that keep her feeling vibrant all day.



·         Achievement in Level 1 Mentoring – APAC (Asia Pacific) MBS (Microsoft Business Solutions) Support Kick off July 2007

·         GPGP (Great People, Great Performance) Team Award Q3 2007

·         GPGP Team Award Q3 2008

·         Determined, career-driven beautiful young lady who has unwavering passion for learning and are capable of shouldering multi-responsibilities.

·         A dance lover with a few medals won from competitions


Some quotes from partner feedback:

“Marian Verzosa was a great help.  She was very knowledgeable and was very thorough on her testing.  In addition, she provided timely updates on the case which was very helpful in informing the client on the status of the issue. “


“The service provided by the engineer was excellent.  The engineer went the extra mile.  Though this issue was not supported by this support team, she got the issue resolved."


“The information given was accurate and clear.  The consultant was patient.  The engineer called me and we were able to organize a net meeting with the customer.  We had a 3 way discussion which helped the customer to build up confidence in MS products.  It also helped to speed up the resolution of the case.”


 *Here's a Picture of Marian: