What is your Microsoft Anniversary date? August 2005


What office do you work out of? Charlotte, NC as well as Home Office


What is your current role? Staffing Consultant


What are you working on? Currently LeVay is currently doing a “stretch” assignment and working on the SMSG WIT (Women in Technology) Initiative. There are many pieces to the role, she is working with a vendor to create a NEW internal SharePoint site with the goal to attract, develop, retain women inside SMSG - Global. The team she is working with also looked at the Technical Roles that SMSG will hire in the new fiscal year. They will be showcasing women on the site that are in these roles. In addition, these “showcased” women can also have the opportunity to be a Career Coach to other women. This would not be a mentor, but rather a coach that coud show them what they do in their role and what skills they would need to move into one of these positions. Within the last year, the SMSG organization has also created 26 “Chapters” of women across the world. Each chapter is working on local “Women In Technology” initiatives. In LeVay’s role, she works with the Leads of each Chapter to define their commitments. And in her spare time she also creates the Monthly Diversity Services Newsletter – an internal newsletter sent out to all of Microsoft Services.  


What do you like most about your role? Empowering and enabling women to find technical roles in Microsoft.


Tell me one misconception you had about Microsoft before becoming an employee? She had thought that everyone had to be VERY technical to work at Microsoft.


Tell me one misconception people have about the Charlotte Office? Many people aren’t even aware that the office is even there, its not necessarily centrally located to the other big businesses in town.


What makes the Charlotte campus unique? They are very connected to the community, every year during the giving campaign they set the bar with having the NFL Carolina Panthers, Nascar, Major League Baseball come to campus and sign autographs to help raise money. She also feels that they have very diverse leaders on the campus.


How large is the Charlotte office? Around 1,200.


Tell me something funny…. There is a Goose that stands in front of the door when spring rolls around and she hisses at you when you walk in as she preparing to lay her eggs. We have asked LeVay to risk her life and get us a pic of this Mama Goose!

Here's a Picture of our friend LeVay: http://blogs.msdn.com/photos/heathermcgough/picture9718553.aspx