So we've mentioned a few times in our various corners of the internet that we are hiring. Some of those positions are for Premier Field Engineers (PFE). The links to the job descriptions are below for your easy access and if you are interested or know someone who is, or know someone who knows someone, get the idea - anyway, you can contact us over at the Facebook Fan Page or the email address also below.

Before we get to telling you the nuts and bolts of what a PFE is, though, our friend Kip - a real-life PFE - has kindly provided the following take on what the job is like. So don't just take it from me, take it from Kip!

"What is PFE?

The Premier Field Engineering group is a worldwide support organization.   What makes PFE unique is the majority of our support is performed onsite, face to face with the customers.  PFE engineers are either dedicated to a single customer, or they visit a wide variety of customers  (we refer to this type as a transactional PFE engineer).

I’ve been a transactional PFE for nine years now.  People often ask me why I keep doing the same job for so long.  There are many reasons why I love this job.  The first reason is because it is challenging.  If it were too easy I would surely get bored and not be satisfied with the job.  The types of problems we get sent to fix are problems that customers cannot fix on their own.  We have an advantage.   We have the community of Microsoft to fall back on, as well as the luxury of specializing in specific technology areas which the average IT job doesn’t afford.  Over time, this specialization makes you a true expert in the area you support.

The transactional PFE’s job offers a lot of variety.  This is one of the most appealing things about the job to me.  I have never felt like the job gets old simply because it’s always changing.  You change job locations almost every week, sometimes multiple times per week.  It’s refreshing.  I like meeting and working with a wide variety of people; and this is the perfect job for that.   The job also offers many opportunities for travel.  Over the years I’ve seen 46 of the 50 states,  I’ve been to several foreign countries, and received dozens of free airline tickets.  If you have a passion to see the world you couldn’t find a better job. 

The work / life balance of this job is great.  You are allowed to work from the comfort of home when not onsite.  This is a very nice benefit of the job.  We also have great tools to help manage your time.

To top it off, the job offers opportunities to change the world.  If you see a need for a new tool – build it.  If you have an idea on how to improve a process – make it happen.  I’ve been lucky enough to be part of some of the innovations our team has created, and I’ve seen dozens of other innovations produced by PFE.  The management team “gets it”, and because of that we have truly revolutionized the ways we support our customers.  We have turned what was a mostly reactive support model into a mostly proactive support model.  This has had a tremendous effect on customer satisfaction. 

PFE is in my opinion the best job in Microsoft, period."


Now onto those job descriptions I mentioned... We're specifically looking for a SCOM/SCCM developer (job code #254478) and a SharePoint developer (job code #254405), both in NY. And oh hey look at that - by following those links out to the job description, you've also arrived at the place where you apply. How easy is that?

As I said above - you can always contact us via the Fan Page, but for these in particular you can also email