So as our name might suggest, CSS is nestled in with the rest of the Services organization. To learn about this larger spectrum of our offerings just visit the Microsoft Services website!

By keeping an eye on the Latest News and exploring our support options you can get an indepth look at the world of Microsoft Services and how we support a software plus services model. Here's a sneak peek, taken from from the Microsoft Services Overview:

"We are devoted to helping customers get the most value from their Microsoft technology. When Microsoft creates a new product, we are the first to try it and apply it. Once we are certain it is right for our customers, we put it in our toolkit and share the knowledge. We gain firsthand experience about what works and what does not work during deployment through our efforts with many different customers in thousands of businesses around the world. We listen to our customers' concerns and take the information back to our product teams. This makes our software and services even better."

By exploring the community page you also get to know who we are. There are featured bios (hey, Ben McDonald is one of us in CSS!), articles, blogs, press updates, and of course: a link to Careers in Microsoft Services. A whole treasure trove at your fingertips.