That's the first half of the title to Toby Richards' recent article, published on the Mountain View, CA Chamber of Commerce's site/newsletter. Toby is the General Manager of Community & Online Support - which is a part of PQO, which if you've spent time here you know is a part of CSS. You can read the beginning of the article below and follow the link to read the rest!

Moving from Monologue to Dialogue - rules of engagement for business success

Monologues have a rightful place – on stage.  They aren’t well-suited to interpersonal relationships, which require a healthy amount of give and take.  Good conversationalists are people who give you undivided attention, ask insightful questions, show sincere interest in your experiences and opinions, and know how to sustain a balanced dialogue.  Their ability to listen well also earns them trust and gives them the ability to forge strong, long-standing relationships.  These principles apply to business as well.  Companies that listen well and respond enjoy greater brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.


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