(this post written by Heather)


Well it isn’t that often that those of the recruiters that work in the “field” get together to actually see what one another looks like. Let me explain, our organization (Customer Services and Support, Enterprise Services, and Services Headquarters) supports offices all across the United States; therefore called the “field”. So most of my colleagues live in locations other than Redmond. I moved over to this team (from the Bing Team) about a year ago, so I only have met a few of my colleagues face to face. Well after the 4th of July weekend we all had the pleasure to meet in Redmond for a FULL week!


So what were we doing? Well we got to check out the NEW Microsoft Buildings, tour the NEW company store, eat fabulous lunches in the NEW commons area and spend many splendid hours in Microsoft’s NEW training facilities. Why so much time in the Training Facilities? Because Microsoft Staffing has launched a new Applicant Tracking System that will make it easier for us to find YOU! But when the training was over, we had some good times getting to know one another a little better. Check out the pics of the two staffing teams.


It was a great opportunity to build some team unity, eat some great food and engage with my colleagues face to face. I am eager for us to connect again, maybe we can all go see Abby in Fargo and meet the owls!


Safeco Field for a Mariners game:

Safeco Field


(Almost) Both teams together!