In honor of today's PQO webinar, I thought it appropriate we post more information about one of their products: the handy-dandy FixIt button!

This interview comes from an article last month in Network World:

Microsoft working on quick-fix capability for IT patch tools
by John Fantana

Under the dark cloud of recent zero-day attacks, Microsoft is quickly working to update its enterprise patching tools to incorporate short-term, quick fix technologies to thwart malware that is already actively exploiting vulnerabilities.

Microsoft's goal is to add its Fix-it technology, introduced in January, into its overall patch management toolbox, which is anchored by Patch Tuesday. The idea is to streamline blockers for zero-day attacks into current patching best practices.

The Fix-it code provides immediate protection and can act as a placeholder until a patch is developed and tested. Fix-its are MSI files that once installed turn off vulnerable ActiveX controls by changing registry settings in the OS. MSI files allow administrators to install, maintain and remove software from the OS."

 Read more at Network World! Hopefully I'll be seeing some of you online at the webinar!