I had the pleasure of speaking with Simas a few weeks ago about his career, his role here, and his experience with Microsoft as a candidate and employee. It was fun speaking with him and I found his story to be really interesting. I hope you do too!


1.     What is your Microsoft Anniversary date?

November 3, 2008


2.     What office do you work out of?

     Charlotte, NC


3.     What is your current role and with which group?

     PQO – Software Developer – Development Lead on Knowledge Management and our Knowledge Base project


4.     What are you working on?

Building content management system on Sharepoint Server Technologies which provides solution documents and articles to support at msft.com (our knowledge base (KB) articles). So in future the KB articles will be created by this application.


5.     What do you like most about your role?

      I get to work with lots of smart people learning new things every day.


6.     Tell me one misconception you had about Microsoft before becoming an employee?

I had a very vague idea of the Charlotte office. Thought it was just entry level support – a call center basically – while development and troubleshooting was done in Redmond. If I’d known that wasn’t the case I would have looked to join Microsoft earlier in my career. But, better late than never.


7.     What about one surprise you had about being Microsoft FTE once you were onboard?

On my first day I saw different technologies throughout the office. I thought “Wow, we use different technologies as well”.


8.     What has been your most memorable moment since starting at Microsoft?

Meeting Steve Ballmer when he visited Charlotte office. He made a general visit and held an overall Charlotte office meeting, spending time to talk with us.


9.     Is this what you wanted to be when you grew up? If no, what did you think you were going to be and how did you end up here?
No – I started learning programming when I was 15, but I lived in Lithuania and it was very hard to get access to computers. My Dad worked for a research institute where I could use the computers at night; since then I dreamt of being in development, never thought I could work at MSFT.  Before that, I wanted to be an astronaut.

10.  What has been your past experience (what roles have you had, which companies, etc)?
I worked for Wachovia bank – started in 2000 and was in charge of application development and support team. My team wrote applications which automatically would post billions of dollars for customers, so it had lots of pressure. Wachovia was my first position in the U.S. and before that I worked in consulting.

11.  What would you recommend for anyone looking to become Microsoft FTE?
Do not be afraid to reach your dreams – don’t let fear keep you away from trying again. Lots of my coworkers tried multiple times and it took months to do it. If you really want to become a Microsoft employee, try try again.

12.  Any last comments?
I’m very happy with my move to Microsoft and feel very fortunate to be a part of this group.