(from guest blogger, LATAM Staffing Manager, Julie)

Made up of 31 states and a federal district, Mexico is home to over 109 million people and a wide variety of geographies, cultures, ecosystems and historical landmarks.   Credited with introducing chocolate, avocado, tomato and vanilla to the world’s palate, Mexico currently thrives on exports of automobiles, oil, electronics and the tourism produced by its gorgeous coastlines.


Originally inhabited by some of the most advanced pre-Colombian civilizations, Mexico is home to a number of the world’s archeological treasures.  These early civilizations such as the Maya and Aztec were credited with numerous inventions and advancements including pyramids, mathematics, astronomy, medicine and theology.


Microsoft’s Mexico City office is home to several hundred employees with backgrounds in consulting, development, sales, marketing, human resources and support.   The team is united in its efforts to use Microsoft technology and presence to bring positive change to Mexico as a whole. Through the development of K’eex program they are working through political and civilian channels to ensure technical neutrality in government programs, improve educational systems and provide Microsoft products, people and expertise to charity programs throughout the country. 



Our PFE practice is one of the larger in LATAM and consists of 10 engineers. Their specialties range from Collaboration, Messaging, Platforms, Security, Database and Development.  They work in and around Mexico City and travel to client sites in the area as needed.    The PFE team is always on the lookout for engineers with strong technical and support, the ability to adapt quickly to changing environments and experience successfully building relationships. 


There are several ways to learn more about the Mexico office and its PFE practice.  Please visit any of  following websites, podcasts and symposium summaries or check out the TechNet blog sites hosted by Luis Du Solier Grinda for a first hand view of the world of a Premier Field Engineer.


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http://sharepointmx.mvps.org/blogs/ldusolier [Technical - Personal]

http://geeks.ms/blogs/ldusolier [Technical - Personal]

http://blogs.technet.com/ldusolier [Technical - MSFT]

http://blogs.tecnnet.com/conocesharepoint [with MCS - MSFT]

http://www.sharepointblogs.com/ldusolier [Spanish/English - Personal]



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