We here at the CSS Blog were given a  great opportunity to have an article featured in Microsoft's internal weekly newsletter (that's the best way to describe it, anyway). So what else would we write about than how we are trying to connect with more of YOU out there? If you're just getting started with this blog, or with job searching via social media at all, here's a great introduction. And if you've been around for awhile, well it's a great refresher.


Heather was able to write this up and it's pretty fantastic:




No more Monster, Career Builder or Hot jobs? Well not completely, but in this current market, the search for jobs is fierce and candidates have to identify creative ways to connect with businesses that are hiring. Now, more than ever, candidates are realizing the need to connect and network directly with potential employers. Even passive job seekers are jumping in and joining Facebook groups and LinkedIn to broaden their network and keep their eyes open to new opportunities.


Earlier this year Staffing for Microsoft Customer Service and Support decided to join the party. We recognized  candidates were lurking in various social networking pools and we needed to get in front of them. So we went full steam ahead:

·         Facebook – watch our status updates for news, job postings or even fun pictures of our worldwide campuses

·         Twitter  – Get a quick note from Microsoft Customer Service on what’s happening

·         LinkedIn – Join our discussion group and network with other professionals

·         Our Blog  – Take a trip around the world with us as we profile different sites, the teams and how diverse each of these locations are – from culture to the benefits Microsoft offers

·         Microsoft Services site that provides a deeper dive into ALL services positions.


It’s fascinating to see the tactics that the imaginative unemployed are taking. For example, on March 9th, ingenious Californian Jamie Varon marketed herself online, she didn’t want to work for ANY company, she wanted Twitter to take her seriously. By April 4th she was on the front page of Fortune.com, interviewing with CNN, pursuing a book deal and taking some time to figure out how to get on the Ellen show!


Some copycats followed suit:





Candidates and employers alike are not using the traditional job boards and don’t we ALL know someone that is looking for a job? I have seen plenty of Facebook updates where friends are helping other friends connect to open jobs. And friends of friends are helping people land jobs.


I know each one of us has been asked at least ONCE in our tenure at Microsoft for some job assistance. It could be a dad at your son’s t-ball game or a friend of a friend at a cocktail party, we ALL know someone that wants to connect with a real life Microsoft recruiter. Or maybe they just want to passively watch our blog or our Facebook fan page and learn a bit more about the organization. But by giving them the freedom to come and peek as they want to, we are also giving them the ability to speak up should they find a position of interest.


Just shortly after our social networking launch in  May we received a referral of a Former Microsoft employee, within ONE week he was re-hired, now that’s some great ROI!


Jobtini’s (after hour cocktail/social networking hours) are popping up all over and it’s pretty clear that in a saturated market its not “what you know” but “who you know” or who can you “get to know” to find that job. 


So join our efforts, fan us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and watch our blog! Tell everyone you know about Staffing for Customer Service and Support! And don’t forget to reach out to your recruiters and identify their social networking efforts!  This is a way you can help Microsoft and help friends, family and talented job seekers get their foot in the door at the world’s best employer!