As I think I've mentioned before on this blog, CSS is part of a larger Services organization. One of our colleagues in Services has also been busy blogging about Microsoft technology and careers. You can find her work over at Insight into Microsoft technology & careers. Charna culls information from around Technet and other sources, as well as her firsthand experience as a recruiter, to bring you updates on our products and technical careers. Here's a sample from one of her latest posts:

"The delegate was asking what was Microsofts recommendation around having more than one Network Card in a Domain Controller.

Well my response was and is that this is not a recommended configuration however we do realise alot of our customers do work in this configuration.

Please see below for the kbarticles and background information around this.

The reason for this is various issues which are well documented in the following articles.

Both these technical references point to kbarticles which highlight specific issues which can arise in this situation , but also highlight workarounds.

246804 - How to Enable-Disable Windows 2000 Dynamic DNS Registrations (per NIC too):

296379 - How to Disable NetBIOS on an Incoming Remote Access Interface [Registry Entry]:"

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