Just as the world was stunned and spurred to action when the earthquake hit Haiti two weeks ago, Microsoft also leapt to help. Microsoft originally pledged $1.25 million for relief, a donation comprised of cash and in-kind materials. You can read about this original donation in the Puget Sound Business Journal's article here.

 Now we have stories coming through from our employees who are in Haiti doing their jobs and helping people make it through this disaster. One such story is from CNET profiling our own Gisli Olafsson. Here's a preview of that profile. You can read the rest at CNET's website:

As a full-time disaster management specialist for the software maker, Olafsson works with the United Nations and other agencies to prepare before devastation hits and also to coordinate efforts once it does. Olafsson has been sent across the globe to deal with the aftermath of earthquakes and hurricanes, offering help in rebuilding the infrastructure that nature has wiped away.

But, that's only part of the reason Olafsson so often finds himself on the scene of natural calamities. A native of Iceland, Olafsson also volunteers as part of that country's national search and rescue team.

It was chiefly in that role that Olafsson found himself on the ground in Port-au-Prince just hours after the massive quake struck earlier this month. As part of one of the first international rescue teams on the scene, Olafsson was among those who helped pull three survivors from the rubble of a collapsed grocery store.

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