A very hearty congratulations to Megan Wallent, Microsoft GM for Server & Tools Business, who recently joined the board of directors for national organization Out & Equal Workplace Advocates: "Out & Equal™ Workplace Advocates is the pre-eminent national organization devoted to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in the workplace. Our mission is to educate and empower organizations, human resource professionals, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and individual employees through programs and services that result in equal policies, opportunities, practices, and benefits in the workplace regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, or characteristics." (from Out & Equal's homepage). So you can see why Microsoft's involvement in this organization is a celebratory event - not to mention this is just another way Microsoft is encouraging a diverse professional culture with respect and enthusiasm.

Megan provided the following bio for the site:

"Megan lives in Seattle, Washington and is the partner of Anh, the parent of Peri, John and Samwich, a General Manager at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, and until November of 2007 was known to all as Michael.

During her 11+ years at Microsoft, Megan has been responsible for delivering multiple versions of Internet Explorer, has lead a large team that built major portions of Windows Vista, and currently leads a team in the Windows Server and Tools Division.

In her role at Microsoft, Megan is a frequent conference speaker and has represented Microsoft in congressional testimony on Internet Privacy issues in the summer of 2001.

Megan transitioned on the job in the late fall of 2007, and has documented her experiences on meganwallent.com, which has generated a wide and varied readership.

Fundamentally, Megan’s transition is a story of reaching the 'New Normal' with humor, self-discovery, and surprising normalcy.

Megan is a private pilot, a fervent Red Sox fan, and is a frequent traveler and very much enjoys exploring all that this world has to offer with Anh and her family." 


You can visit Out & Equal's website for more information about the organization and other new board members.