Last week we mentioned two ways Microsoft is helping with Haiti relief efforts. Since then Microsoft has announced other ways our company is meeting the need for help. Here are just a few other ways (from our Community Involvement site regarding the Haiti earthquake):

  • Working across the Department of Homeland Security to provide IT support and subject matter expertise to enable them to fulfill the extensive requirements of their mission in Haiti.
  • Collaborating with satellite imagery provider, DigitalGlobe, to rapidly publish current imagery of Haiti captured by the company's WorldView II satellite sensor. Some of the imagery provided by DigitalGlobe came from their other sensor, Quickbird. Our hope is that the imagery will help people across the world better understand the location and extent of the catastrophe.
  • In response to community requests for a machine translation (MT) system, the Microsoft Translator team has created an experimental Haitian Creole MT system that is now available publically. While experimental, this is the first SMT system with the kind of scale and performance that we hope will be useful as volunteers and companies look to bridge the language gap in Haiti. Read more about the Haitian Creole Translator here.
  • Xbox LIVE team is running an American Red Cross public service announcement (PSA) media campaign to drive donations to the Haiti Relief and Development Fund through awareness and engagement among the LIVE community. The PSA is running for two weeks (starting January 22, 2010) and encourages users to support the Haiti Relief and Development fund by texting, calling and mailing donations to the American Red Cross. Users can also download an American Red Cross theme and gamer pictures to show their support for the cause throughout the Xbox LIVE community.

You can learn more about Microsoft's disaster and humanitarian response efforts, as well as the multitude of other ways Microsoft participates in our communities, at our Corporate Citizenship page.