I was already pretty excited for the day Windows Phone 7 launches - but with the announcement today of Microsoft KIN, I'm on the edge of my seat with excitement. I love new gadgets and tech (reason number one billion and one that working for Microsoft is a perfect match) and the changes being made with WinPhone 7 seemed to be great moves forward. You can imagine as someone who manages our team's Web 2.0 community that the introduction of KIN - and with it the "next generation of social phone" - just amplifies all of that energy for me.

You might ask me, "What does this have to do with Customer Service and Support staffing?" Well let me answer that for you. CSS Staffing is all about our clients - CSS - and our candidates - you. Our clients are all about the connections we make and conversations we have with Microsoft's customers. And our candidates are our customers. Your concerns are our concerns. Your energy is our energy. So when Microsoft announces new products and features, it touches a whole wide swath of our customers. Which means it touches Customer Service and Support and that can only help us become a destination for candidates. Not to mention, it's that many more customers and products to support and serve. :)

Check out the hands on demo of KIN right here. For updates, follow the conversation on Twitter and be sure to follow @Microsoft (in addition to us of course!).