This may be old news for you, but we're still celebrating here! Congratulations are in order for Microsoft as Forbes recently rated us #11 in their Worlds Most Reputable Companies list. This is up 19 spots from 2009 - quite a leap!

Contributing to this ranking is halo effect of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and other Citizenship efforts as . This echos the results and editorial coverage of the magazine’s recent, similar list of America’s Most Reputable Companies, showing the extra mileage publications try to get out of lists such as these, often driven by advertising dollars. For example, based on how the advertising is placed on each list, it appears that Autonomy, an enterprise software company, sponsored both the lists’ editorial and the slideshows.

Google (#1) and Sony (#2) were credited with making the list due to innovation, and Apple (#6) owes its ranking on list to “snappy products” such as the iPad and the fact that consumers look to the company as having a vision of the future. The story also notes the boost Google received from championing transparency through its actions in China and being quick to respond to privacy concerns.

The list is based on a survey conducted by the Reputation Institute which selects the largest companies by revenue then surveys consumers in 24 countries, asking them to rank companies from 0 to 100 based on products, services, innovation, citizenship, leadership and more.

We also remained #1 on the Puget Sound Business Journal's list of corporate philanthropists. Glad to know we didn't let anything slide since last year, when we were also ranked first!

The company’s contributions to Partnership in Learning, ArtsFund, Boys and Girls Club and Hopelink were highlighted as some of Microsoft’s key beneficiaries.

The list of top 25 corporate philanthropists is primarily comprised of financial sector companies such as JPMorgan Case, Bank of America, U.S. Bank and others. Boeing and Costco took the #2 and #3 spots, respectively. Of note, Intel also made the list coming in at #12.   


In addition, Microsoft is cited in three articles throughout the Corporate Citizenship issue for its generous contributions and sizable giving programs. Specifically, Akhtar Badshah, senior director for global community affairs, is quoted highlighting Microsoft’s employee contributions to the local King County community. While two of the three pieces are industry articles focused on several company contributions, the third piece solely highlights the Microsoft Math Partnership (MMP) and the company’s commitment to improving the quality of education, particularly in STEM curriculums. The piece also notes that Microsoft is the winner of the Healthy Community Corporate Champion Award in the Education category for its work in MMP. Both Akhtar and Jane Broom are prominently featured in the piece.


To arrive at the top 25 corporate philanthropists in Washington state, Puget Sound Business Journal Research Director ranked companies by total cash corporate and foundation giving in Washington in 2009. Information was provided by a representative of each firm.