My guess is you've heard a lot about the cloud recently. And not those wisps of air that may be overhead right now (at least they are if you're in the Seattle area. It's supposed to be July??) A lot of you may have been introduced to the idea of cloud services with Google's own features - Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, Google Calendar, etc. But unless you're a paid user of Google Apps, the support options just aren't as robust. These are the points made by CSS's own Coporate VP Barbara Gordon in a recent blog post, "Microsoft Support Sets Us Apart" (you can read more about Google vs. MSFT cloud support, and access the post, via this ComputerWorld article). With Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010, we want to be sure that we're there for you so you can take full advantage of what these products offer. Ideally you won't encounter any issues, but in case there are obstacles preventing you from making it great, here are some options:

"For consumer and small business customers, we provide traditional support through phone and email, as well as a variety of automated and online capabilities. After all, if you have a book report due at 8 a.m. the next day, you can’t afford to wait for your online applications to be available.

Here in one place is a reference list of many of our tools.

  • Solutions through Microsoft Fix it that solve common software problems with the click of a button.
  • Community support though Microsoft Answers, an online support forum that provides peer-to-peer help from Microsoft customer support experts, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), and other community contributors.
  •  Broad social media support via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Improved Online Support with an easily discoverable support tab on that is a one-stop support resource with access to Microsoft’s team of specialists there to help."

Continue to read her post at TechNet to see what options we have for Enterprise Customers!