We had a few shout-outs in the last few days from Forbes.com and here are two highlights:

  1. On Monday, they listed Microsoft in the Top 10 Large Companies currently hiring in the U.S. Notably, Microsoft is the only company listed that's not related to defense or health care:
    "Microsoft is the only large company on the list that isn't in the defense or health care industries. The largest software company in the world by market value runs a blog and a website dedicated entirely to job opportunities."

    If you're a job seeker at Microsoft and haven't already checked out the JobsBlog, you should. A great place for tips and tricks for applying and interviewing across Microsoft. Also be sure to check out all of our open Customer Service and Support Roles right over this-a-way!

  2. Late last week CSS's own MVP program was called out in their article "How to Create a Customer Advocacy Program" - and called out as an example to follow at that!
    "Give them a platform--but do not pay them. The crux of an advocacy program is giving fans a platform for communicating. You'll want to support their efforts by giving them a publication platform such as a group blog or community, so they can tell their story. Ensure they are properly kept up to date, and that the lines of communications are always open for discussion, even when there is negative content. Enable them with graphical “badges” they can put on their blogs, email signatures, T-shirts, and business cards as they become extended ambassadors to your brand. Microsoft MVP
    program showcases their advocates, and provides them with a variety of resources to evangelize." 

    You can follow the MVP program @MVPAwardProgram and follow CSS @MicrosoftHelps.