We've been working on lots of ideas for our communities in the next year. The first of which has us setting up an account at YouTube! Now you can get that much closer with CSS Staffing (and naturally, CSS) as we bring you the tips, tricks, strategies, and information you've come to rely on. The page right now is a little sparse, we'll admit, but we hope to have it decked out properly soon. So what's next? How can we top YouTube? Well we're confident we can, but before we do we'll just amp up our YouTube playlists.

In August our very own Heather will be traveling to this year's BlogHer '10 conference to present on social networking and recruiting. BlogHer is a network of women bloggers and authors, writing about a variety of topics. The conference just takes that kind of energy and passion to the next level. Specifically Heather will be sharing strategies on how to leverage your social networks to your benefit (and your friends'!), how to help us find you, and how to use our communities to make you the best candidate you can be.

What's even better is that while this is definitely exciting for us, it's as exciting for you! To inaugurate our channel - past the little intro video you can see below - Heather will be sending back video covering everything I just mentioned! Which means it's like you have a ticket to her panel, but without the hassle of travel or time off.

So stay tuned for those and check out our intro video below.