We talk a lot here about how we want to give you - our readers, customers, and candidates - a better look at what Customer Service & Support at Microsoft is all about. We've been able to do this by featuring articles, employee profiles, and other spot checks looking at our various groups. To really amp that up, and really give you all a great look into our groups, we're delighted to announce that each month we'll feature in depth a different CSS group. To help, we've enlisted our staffing colleagues who know these groups inside and out.

So it is with enthusiasm that I introduce you to Abigail Barber Burgum, our Staffing Consultant for Commerical Technical Support (we actually introduced her last year when we got this space up and running). She'll be responsible for sending over different posts and content throughout August, in addition to the regular features you've come to expect. Without further ado - welcome Abigail!


Hi,  My name is Abigail Barber Burgum and I’m a Staffing Consultant for the Commercial Technical Support (CTS) Organization at our Microsoft Campus in Fargo, North Dakota. 


CTS is an organization of more than 4,400 people in 38 countries who provides technical support for small, midsize and enterprise businesses, partners and developers through accelerated adoption and use of our technologies. Overall our organization delivers support in 2 languages and solves more than 1 million assisted support incidents per year!  That’s a lot of support cases!  In addition we offer proactive services  for our customers to help them identify early on the technologies and services that can help maximize their business efficiency.


In Fargo specifically our teams of engineers support many of our familiar Microsoft products.  Outlook, SQL, SharePoint, Word, Excel and more.


If you are technically savvy, yet love working directly with our customers and partners to help them realize their full potential, CTS is the place for you!