There's nothing spooky about these Friday the 13th Hot Jobs. Unless you account for the heat wave this area is heading back into. Coincidence with posting HOT HOT HOT new roles? We think not.

  1. Azure Support Program Manager - Redmond WA (729264)
  2. Platforms PFE - Bentonville, AR (726954)
  3. SCCM PFE - Reston, VA or Washington, DC (707494)
  4. Platforms PFE - Washington, DC (728826)
  5. SCOM PFE - Washington, DC (714119)
  6. Senior Group Manager - Redmond, WA (729263)
  7. Senior BI Manager - Issaquah, WA (719128)
  8. Supportability Program Manager - Issaquah, WA (728823)

And there you go! You may know the drill, but in case you're new: email with your resume and job ID number. Or email your friend's resume. Or your partner's resume. Whoever we get - we'll send it to the recruiter, direct to their inbox.

Have a great weekend everyone!