When Windows Phone 7 was first previewed earlier this year, we knew it would be connected to Xbox Live. Just what that connection would look like was a little up in the air - at least to this blogger. If you were also curious, Mashable helped provide some answers last week when they explained that a handful of Xbox Live games will be availalbe for Windows Phone 7:

"An e-mail from Microsoft tonight tells us that Windows Phone 7 will be launching with a whole roster of Xbox Live games to push the envelope of mobile gaming.

A grand total of 63 games have been announced today, and more will be available by the device’s holiday season launch. The games include well-known titles such as Castlevania and Guitar Hero, classically inspired numbers such as Frogger, casual games that include Bejeweled and many more.

We’re told that Windows Phone 7 will integrate all the aspects of Xbox Live that hardcore gamers love: Multiplayer, messaging, leaderboards, full-game library access and more."

You can read the full article right over here. Mashable also has some video from Engadget's demo with Windows Phone 7.

In case you can't wait for Windows Phone 7 to launch, but need your Bejeweled and arcade game fix now, did you see that Bing is offering a few different options? What a way to while the hours away!