Check out our profile of Scott Oseychik a FAST Escalation Engineers in Commercial Technical Support (CTS) based out of Needham, MA.  Not only has Scott had a career as a professional stand-up comedian (yes, really!), he has been dedicated to Microsoft for the past 10 years and is one of our more senior engineers. In his current role he is responsible for helping mentor, coach and develop our new Engineers in addition to collectively authoring low-level debugging content in collaboration with the FAST Research and Development Team.  Read more to find out about Scott’s unique background!  

Name: Scott Oseychik 

Job at Microsoft:  Escalation Engineer   

What is your Microsoft anniversary date? Officially, I started on February 16, 1998.  In 2004, I took 2+ years off to chase a personal dream & perform standup comedy professionally.  While I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a full-time comedian, “road life” proved a bit much for me to bear, and I returned to Microsoft in mid-2006. 

What office/campus do you work at? I’ve been I’m currently based out of Needham, Massachusetts. 

What is your current role in Microsoft?  Senior Escalation Engineer 

What kind of projects are you currently working on? I’m currently a proud member of the FAST Search Escalation Team, and am helping grow our newly-hired Escalation Engineers through mentoring, coaching, and leading by example.  Also, we are collectively authoring low-level debugging content in collaboration with the FAST Research and Development Team. 

How did you get to this role – what is your background and career path so far? I began my career with Microsoft answering front-line Technical Support calls for Exchange Server, and as my technical skills grew, so did my curiosity.  As such, it led me towards the Escalation Engineer career path, which provides limitless opportunities help customers, learn new technologies, and wake up in the morning enthused about going to work!

After debugging Exchange for some time, I took on an Escalation Engineer role in Office Communications Server (“OCS”).  This afforded me the chance to develop an Escalation team from scratch (while learning a new product), and in partnership with my manager at the time, helped build the OCS Escalation Team.  Most recently, the opportunity came along to repeat this amazing experience, and am currently shaping the Escalation team here within the FAST Search group.

Any advice for potential candidates looking to connect to Microsoft? Most Microsoft engineers maintain a blog either on or, and as such, provide a contact mechanism to get in touch with them.  Don’t hesitate to initiate a dialog, and express your interest in understanding more about what they do, and share any common skills and interests you may have.  Also, there are plenty of individuals and groups from Microsoft on Twitter.  Check out for a sampling of the various Microsoft “Tweeters.”  Finally, Microsoft has an ever-growing presence on Facebook; do a quick search for “Microsoft,” and see if any of the query results match your interests.

What types of social networking activities do you participate in? I frequently blog about projects and products I’m working on (, I’m an avid Facebook user (, and most recently, can be found checking-in all over Boston and beyond on Foursquare (

Computers aside, I can be found in various comedy clubs here in Boston, many local road running events, surfing in Narragansett, Rhode Island (yes, they have good waves), and snowboarding on the slopes of Killington.  :-)