Our very own Heather McGough was featured in an Open Forum article last week. You already know Heather from our YouTube channel and BlogHer fame. Read what she has to say about using social networking to find candidates:

"'The only information companies should be researching is information that is pertinent to the position that the individual is or could be applying for,' says Heather McGough, a staffing consultant for Microsoft. 'This could include blog forums that are related to job expertise, Facebook fan pages that are devoted to one’s applicable skills, and information regarding job history on networks such as LinkedIn. [...] When researching a candidate's applicable skills in relation to a specific job it should not matter what they have been doing in their free time, on their vacations, or over holidays. What is important is their ability to perform the appropriate tasks in relation to the position.'"

As hopeful candidates, it's never a bad idea to consider how employers are seeing your profiles and finding your information. You could use the tips in this article to make it even easier for potential employers to find the right kind of information!