Here are this week's HOT JOBS. As we announced last week via Twitter and Facebook - we're moving this particular feature to Mondays now. Very important data has shown that job seekers prefer Mondays and Tuesdays for their job seeking activities. So to get these jobs in front of you when you want them, we listened. Let us know what else we can do and what you want to see/learn about! Email us at If you're interested in any of the jobs below, follow the link to apply online; then send us an email with your resume and job ID number. We'll be sure it gets to the recruiter!

  1. Sr. Service Engineer - Redmond, WA (730260)
  2. Product Support Planner - Redmond, WA (728093)
  3. Sr. Program Manager - Issaquah, WA (726312)
  4. Operations Program Manager - Issaquah, WA (732008)
  5. CSS BI and Info Management Strategy - Redmond, WA (731990)
  6. CSS Marketing Communications Manager - Redmond, WA (731920)