We're finishing up our month for PQO and to help send us out, here's a profile from Annabelle Ridge. Read more to find out about her role here and how she got here.


What is your Microsoft anniversary date? 



What office/campus do you work and have you always worked in WA?

I moved from Boston to Seattle, WA , 4 years ago,  to join Microsoft and have worked on both the Sammamish campus and Redmond campus (presently).


What is your current role in Microsoft? 

My current role at Microsoft is Director of Strategy and Business Development for the Product Quality and Online (PQO) organization.   My prior role was as Chief of Staff and I came to the organization as a senior project manager.


What kind of projects are you currently working on?

I work on projects related to our online support strategy and how our customers get help through our communities, forums, support website and our technology through automation and self-diagnostics.


How did you get to this role – what is your background and career path so far? 

My undergraduate and graduate work has been in history, philosophy and music performance where I learned a lot of analytical and research skills. I worked in several start-ups, venture capital firms, and eventually with HP, as well as, Quest Diagnostics as a senior strategy, analytics program manager, and Six Sigma process engineer. I came to Microsoft as a project manager and have been in several roles now driving Strategy and Business Development for our Product Quality and Online organization. There are many business opportunities at Microsoft that complement the technical work that we do. This means that people with very enriched and broad backgrounds make for a great fit and offer breadth of perspective.  


Any networks, communities that you work closely?

Yes! I really enjoy connecting on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I am also very active locally through Microsoft Corporate Affairs in the Rainier Valley Food Bank, the Susan G Komen Foundation for *** cancer, NPower Seattle and several other groups locally. Microsoft is not just a software company, we have a strong sense of community so many of us get together to drive local community involvement and volunteer in our community.


Any advice for potential candidates looking to connect to Microsoft?

Be passionate, committed and visionary. All things are possible at Microsoft. We look for the best talent that is motivated to change the world with us and that means not just the skill but the passion, as well as dedication to make those things come true. My advice would be to connect with Microsoft people locally, understand roles they fill, read online and understand more about the company. Connect with the local talent and recruiting teams and ask questions.  Understand the types of roles and attend local events where you can connect, network and meet with other Microsoft people.