To ring in the new month and cooler temperatures (if you're in the Northern Hemisphere anyway - hello summer for our south-of-the-equator friends!), here are some HOT HOT jobs!

  1. Lead SDE - Redmond, WA (732954)
  2. Program Manager - Redmond, WA (721184)
  3. Sr. Program Manager - Redmond, WA (737115)
  4. Software Development Engineer in Test - Redmond, WA (730259)
  5. Software Development Engineer - Redmond, WA (730945)
  6. Global Publisher Support Manager - Seattle, WA (737299)
  7. IT/Ops Program Manager - Redmond, WA (737372)
  8. Infrastructure Program Manager - Issaquah, WA (734092)


There you have it! Send us mail at with your resume and interested job IDs; we can route the resume to the right recruiter to reach out to you.


Thanks and have a great week!