Today's the big day! It's exciting to be around Microsoft's campuses today and to be working with such customer oriented clients on the day one of our biggest consumer products is launching. As with any other product launch, CSS is working hard to make sure that you - the customer - has a whole team and network behind you to help if needed. Of course, we certainly hope you won't need it!

Kinect hit stores at midnight earlier this morning and from the news below it sounds like it was quite the party. It's already been close to twelve hours - you have one and have been playing it for eleven hours straight right? Check out some headlines about the Kinect launch activities across the country and be sure to share with us YOUR Kinect launch stories! Did you stand in line at the store to be one of the first to get your Kinect last night? Have you already figured out what your favorite Kinect game is? Does your family love your new Kinect?



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