Here are our HOT JOBS for the week of Nov 15. You may have heard mention of a little contest we have going right now: re-tweet any of these Hot Jobs or the Hot Jobs from last week and you're entered to win a Kinect t-shirt! Entries made by 11:59 PT on Wednesday, November 17th, will be entered into the drawing. Check out the Hot Job tweets @MicrosoftCSSJob.

Without further ado!

  1. Program Manager - Retail - Issaquah, WA (737061)
  2. Technical Account Manager - San Francisco, CA (728873)
  3. IT/Ops Program Manager - Redmond, WA (737372)
  4. SQL PFE - Bentonville, AR (737363)
  5. Forefront Identity Manager PFE - Non-Location Specific (736317)
  6. HealthVault PFE - Issaquah, WA (731443)