(guest post from @HeatherMcgough)

Earlier this month we introduced Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Support (E&D) organization. In the past 2 weeks we have launched Kinect and Windows Phone 7. I have had so much fun playing Dance Central with my kids and we are all getting a great work out! Today we would like to introduce you to 2 fabulous women who ensure these awesome products are supported.

First meet LYNN CACCIOLA our Training and Readiness Manager for Mobile/Zune

What is your Microsoft anniversary date?   I just had my one year anniversary!  11/9  Yeah for me!

What office/campus do you work at?   SAMM D - Issaquah

What kind of projects are you currently working on? My most recent project was the global launch of Windows Phone 7!   Windows Phone 7 is built with a focus on creating the best mobile experience for end-users that use technology as a means to achieve their goals and help to juggle their many personal and professional priorities to live every moment. Windows Phone 7 delivers an innovative set of features for social networking, media and entertainment and combines those with Microsoft’s traditional strengths in messaging and productivity.  Windows Phone 7 is designed to get to the things you love easier and faster.  Windows Phone 7 rocks!

How did you get to this role – what is your background and career path so far?  I’ve been working in training and telecom forever it seems.  My most recent role pre-MSFT was Sr. Manager of Learning at T-Mobile USA.  That role prepared me immensely for my new role at MSFT.  Adding the ‘global focus’ has been incredible.  It truly has made my last year a learning experience!

Any advice for potential candidates looking to connect to Microsoft?   Rest up and get ready to learn!  Seriously, the experience of being a full time employee at MSFT is very hard to put into words.  The opportunities are endless and the exposure to learning events and brilliant people will amaze you.  That said, I jumped in at the very beginning of two big launches in Mobile, so, I hit the ground running.  I thought I worked hard before MSFT, I was wrong.  Networking and talking to friends/family that already work/worked at MSFT was also helpful, just make your own decisions about things after you start.

Which Windows Phone 7 will you be getting and why?  The HD7 – T-Mobile!  I have an HD2 now (6.5) and I still feel a ‘loyalty’ to T-Mobile.  J  However, all of the Windows Phones are cool.  The HTC Surround has an incredible speaker.

And next up is ILYSE WAGNER  a Quality Program Manager for E&D Support

What is your Microsoft anniversary date? April 9, 2007

What office/campus do you work at? Sammamish-D

What kind of projects are you currently working on? I manage the Quality of Service Survey programs for E&D Support.  This is the survey that goes to customers who contact a call center. 

How did you get to this role – what is your background and career path so far?  I spent eight years as a high school math teacher before moving into the hi tech world and project management.  Within E &D Support I initially moved from being a project manager to being a PMO Manager.  I was then selected to lead a special quality focused project which eventually led to my current role.  

Any advice for potential candidates looking to connect to Microsoft?  Network.  Begin with temporary/contract work.    

Are you an Xbox Gamer? Have you played the Kinect?! If yes, what is your favorite game? Kinect is awesome!  I love Dance Central!