Our friend and colleague, Kay Kelison, recently made a great post with tips for college students and new grads looking for work via Twitter. A couple of those tips are below, but be sure to check out the full post at her blog!

"Ok, so you’re a student in a college or you have just graduated and through your conversations with recruiters, friends and colleagues, you’ve created a Twitter account like everybody else in these social networking worlds. However, Twitter is so much different than Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s more of a water cooler-type setting between humans. In fact, a friend of mine didn’t believe it either, that was until she secured a very desirable internship in the engineering field last summer at Apple because of Twitter. So the question you should be asking yourself is this “how do I use Twitter to feel personal and professionally? Simple, begin with these basic steps and you will expand naturally.

Step A) Start searching and following twitter accounts that post internships and jobs.  Some twitter accounts I would suggest following:  @internships  @sweetcareers  or @internmatch  they are among many that have a ton of internships which each post, along with tips for finding ones.

Step B) Search and follow twitter accounts by respected members of that field, as well as companies, and business groups. For example, if you’re interested in working for Bing follow twitter @Bingjobs, Microsoft_Jobs  @microsoft_jobs or XBOX360 follow @xbox360careers follow people you want to engage with. I would also follow individuals who could help you."


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