We are happy to introduce you to two more members of the E&D Support team! First up, meet Tyrone – a Forecast Analyst. After learning more about Tyrone, continue reading to learn about Sully – a Partner Technical Lead. Thank you to our guest blogger, @HeatherMcgough!

Tyrone Palmer, Forecast Analyst

What is your Microsoft anniversary date? 
My Microsoft anniversary date is March 22nd – it turns out that today marks my 8th month as an FTE at Xbox!

What office/campus do you work at?
I currently work on the Sammamish campus, which is about a 25-minute drive from main campus on a good day. Company Store trips tend to be few and far between, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing J.

What is your current role in Microsoft? 
I work with some of the coolest people in the world, designing and maintaining customer service and support models for the Xbox core support team. My job title is “Forecast Analyst,” but the fact that the job demands levels of process management, partner and stakeholder relationship management, business intelligence management, financial analysis, and a fair share of software engineering speaks volumes to the need to be very versatile in skillset to fill any support role completely. At its core my job function is to predict the number of calls and e-mails that each of our global assisted support teams will receive each day.

What kind of projects are you currently working on?
Right now we’re wrapping up our postmortem analysis on our global Kinect launch forecasting and finalizing our holiday plans. There’s never a dull moment in this group! While some may find it farfetched that storefronts have been covered in holiday décor since Halloween, we’ve been evaluating, evaluating, and re-evaluating our plans for spring (and beyond!) for months. It’s often not easy to live in the present!

How did you get to this role – what is your background and career path so far? 
I was actually a fresh college hire when I started with the group as a contractor through a local agency, and transitioned into this role as an FTE 7 months later. My focuses in school were largely in applied mathematics, statistics, algorithm design, programming, and Japanese language, all of which I’ve had every opportunity to leverage in this job.

Any advice for potential candidates looking to connect to Microsoft?
Be flexible in how you get your foot in the door! A very large percentage of the FTE within our group began their Microsoft career as a contractor and was later offered a full-time position. Socializing your resume with area contract agencies can often be one of the most effective ways to connect with MS.

Which Windows Phone 7 will you be getting and why?
Definitely the HTC HD7, and I’ll be making the leap to a new carrier to make the switch! The 0.3” difference in screen size compared to the other launch phones may not seem like a lot on paper, but when compared side-by-side with the alternatives it really does look brilliant. I spent some time at the Bellevue Microsoft Store opening, watching people compare their Androids and iPhones to the HD7 running WP7, and I couldn’t help but feel like the old, grid-style interfaces make the Google and Apple offerings look like cheap toys. I think pretty much everyone at Microsoft is super stoked that we finally have a phone that we can all be so passionate about!


Sully Sullivan, Partner Technical Lead

What is your Microsoft anniversary date?  Jan 15th, 2007 is my hire date.

What office/campus do you work at? Sammamish campus, in Issaquah.

What is your current role in Microsoft? 
Currently I am a Partner Technical Lead with the Xbox Service Delivery team. I work with our partners supporting our customers in the Xbox Space. Specifically around Xbox LIVE.

What kind of projects are you currently working on?
I am currently working on the Holiday ramp for Xbox support, but in the recent past I have worked in supporting the launching of KINECT, and the new Xbox LIVE fall auto update dashboard.

How did you get to this role – what is your background and career path so far? 
Well I went into the Marine Corps after finishing High School, and spent 4 years serving our country to the best of my ability. After the Marine Corps I moved back to Texas and Lived in Austin for a bit. Where eventually, I came to arrive here by means of the ground up. Meaning I was a call center agent in Austin Texas. Austin is where Xbox V1 in 2001, and Xbox LIVE support was located starting in 2002. I became Tier 2, then Tech Lead, then Quality analyst, and eventually supervisor while at the call center. I moved on to a new company and something else in 2005. In October 2005, I approached some folks here in Redmond to see if they had any openings for someone with my experience. They did, and with no guarantee of being hired on permanently I took a contractor job for a year, which ended in 2006. In 2007 I was hired on and here I am chatting with some great folks. I have seen the ebb and flow of Xbox from the beginning, and have to say it has been a heck of a ride.

Any advice for potential candidates looking to connect to Microsoft?
Passion, and truth to one’s self is great, but perseverance is a must.

Are you an Xbox Gamer? Have you played the Kinect?! If yes, what is your favorite game?
Yes I am a gamer, not a great one but I have what I think is a respectable gamer score for someone who works. J So far my favorite game for the KINECT has to be KINECT Adventures.