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Although, he has been busy travelling to our Mobile partners and also pulling out his ski gear as he is anxious to hit the Northwest mountains with his family – I was lucky to catch up with Jeff Hensien, Sr Director of Mobile Support.

What is your Microsoft anniversary date? 1994 (yes 16 years ago)

Tell us a bit about your career and how it brought you to where you are today? I began my Microsoft career doing phone support for Windows 3.11, I then quickly moved to start up the Office Support Team. This opened an opportunity for me to enter into management which paralleled nicely with my degree in Finance and Business Management. Next, I was given the opportunity to work closely with product groups for Office and windows, supporting pre-release products. Then I was given exposure to our Premier customers. Throughout my tenure I have worked across multiple facets of support in both hardware and software which in turn has given me diverse experience. I have always challenged myself to learn new aspects of the business and business models and stay on the cutting edge.

What brought you to E&D: I wanted to leverage my software support knowledge along with my hardware services experience in the consumer space. I came into this role 2 years ago, tasked to lead next generation for Zune support, to work closely with partners and OEM’s to support platform and services.

What kind of projects are you currently working on? Win Phone 7!  My organization is driving toward successful customer facing solutions – self-help options. Enabling partners to effectively support Win Phone 7 devices and drive market share and reduce device return rates.

Any advice for potential candidates looking to connect to Microsoft?
Understand the opportunities from a customer experience perspective, look to areas where you can innovate and drive collaborative engagement, problem solve, think about how to drive impact and results and create the right visibility. How do we improve the overall health of the organization? Be self critical – what are you doing for self-development to improve your own skills? The mobile market is changing quickly and as a company we have to respond quickly to customers  - think about how we can do this effectively and efficiently . How do we think through the delivery of support? What are the tools/capabilities we need to drive effective support model, how do we drive revenue, loyalty and market share – this is very inter-connected. We are looking for candidates that can come in and understand that business landscape and lead in areas to improve the landscape.

What sites/blogs do you frequent or recommend? OEM and Operator Forums, Facebook (what partners and customers are doing from a communication perspective), [JHensien] MSAnswers, Twitter (HTC, Windows Phone, Mobile Crunch, T-Mobile, AT&T, Windows Phone Support, Zune) I also look at how customers are using social media channels. How is it a support link channel? How can we make it better for our customers – better content/better tools. How can we be proactive vs. reactive.

Which Windows Phone 7 will you be getting and why? He is LOVING his Samsung Focus