Today we're happy to bring you this profile of CTS SR. Support Escalation Engineer, Rich Pesenko. You can read more from Rich on the posts he's written for Operations Manager (here and here) and Mobile Device Manager here.

Editor's note: When this post originally published on April 20, we misspelled Rich's last name. Our deepest apologies at this misstep. It has now been corrected.

What is your Microsoft anniversary date? June 14, 1997

What office/campus do you work at? Las Colinas Campus - Irving, Texas

What is your current role in Microsoft? Senior Support Escalation Engineer, System Center (Monitoring Vertical)

What kind of projects are you currently working on? In addition to providing support for Enterprise customers, I’ve have been focused on creating and providing training for our new hires and partners.  I also have been creating internal-facing and external-facing content (KB Articles, Blogs, etc.) related to the System Center products I support.

What have you blogged about? Windows Powershell, Operations Manager, System Center Mobile Device Manager

How did you get to this role – what is your background and career path so far? I was a research assistant at a medical center and one of my duties was to maintain the computers in our department’s labs and offices.  I enrolled in a Windows NT 3.51 MCSE training program and was recruited by Microsoft for a Windows NT 4.0 Support Engineer position.  I have supported several products since then and held many different roles in CSS prior to my current position.

Any advice for potential candidates looking to connect to Microsoft? My support team looks for candidates that are enthusiastic about learning new skills and not afraid to be challenged.  We want people that are self-motivated and can easily learn from self-study activities.  Candidates should be confident and have great customer service skills.  Most importantly, we need people that have excellent problem solving skills.

Anything else? Microsoft is an exciting and rewarding place to work.  I have been here fourteen years, and there are still days where I think to myself “I work at Microsoft, how cool is that?”.  There are plenty of opportunities to grow your career here and it’s still a great environment to work in.


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