You've met Toby on this blog before, and now we're happy to share this article he contributed to Customer Think. Toby shares some great ideas around brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, ideas he can put into practice as the GM of our Community & Online Support group within PQO.

There are many things in life we have to work for – a living, for one, as well things like optimal fitness and healthy relationships. But there are some things in life, such as customer support, that we’d just as soon not put forth much effort toward, and understandably so.

According to recent research from the Customer Contact Council, for 96 percent of customers who have to work for their own satisfaction (find resources, solutions, answers, etc.), their loyalty to the company brand is challenged. And in a time when customer loyalty is critical to business success, it makes sense to make support more predictive and accessible in order to foster greater customer confidence and brand loyalty.

For those of us in the customer support industry, all of this should come as no surprise. However, this kind of support, which I’ll call proactive support, is all too uncommon and requires an added degree of focus and creativity from businesses that choose to embrace it.

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