We have another CTS profile for you today - meet Steve Thomas, Sr. Support Escalation Engineer!


What is your Microsoft anniversary date? 

I started as an FTE on May 15th, 2006. Before that I worked for Microsoft as a contractor.


What office/campus do you work at?

I work in the Las Colinas Campus in Irving, TX


What is your current role in Microsoft? 

I am a Senior Support Escalation Engineer and the CTS vertical Lead for System Center Virtualization


What kind of projects are you currently working on?

I recently completed CTS Readiness for MED-V v2 and served as a Beta Engineer for MED-V v2. Right now as Vertical/Support Topic Lead in the System Center Virtualization group, I am currently working to increase global collaboration between engineers supporting App-V, MED-V, VDI, and SCVMM to provide for a consistent customer support experience across the globe.


What have you blogged about?

I write extensively for the App-V and MED-V team blogs. Lately my blogs involve the changes in the new release of MED-V and I also have been blogging a lot on the issues encountered when virtualizing Office 2010 with App-V.


I am a big proponent of leveraging social media to communicate with partners, vendors, customers, friends, and family through Microsoft channels (Technet, MSDN) as well as my own personal channels (Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress) where I am known as the "Mad Virtualizer."


How did you get to this role – what is your background and career path so far? 

After being a contractor in the 90's, I moved into academia for a while. Missing the action, I returned to the industry and to contracting including a stint with Microsoft. When the opportunity at Microsoft to join CTS full-time came to fruition, I jumped at the chance. I love troubleshooting and resolving complex issues.

Any advice for potential candidates looking to connect to Microsoft?

It seems that every job at Microsoft is unlimited in the potential impact you can have on your peers and the customer community you serve. It is amazing how you can influence your position to evolve. After working here for five years I realized that the worst mistake in my life was not coming to work here 15 years ago when I first had the chance.


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