CSS Senior Director Jenny Lay-Flurrie was recently profiled for the Microsoft JobsBlog. While I'm sure many of you watch the JobsBlog as regularly as this one, I wanted to be sure to highlight this profile here too. Be sure to check out the full interview at the original post!

By any standard, Jenny Lay-Flurrie has enjoyed an impressive career in the technology industry. But Jenny’s success is even more remarkable when you consider that she spent her education and much of her early career privately struggling with a hearing impairment.

For years, she was able to cope using hearing aids and lip reading, but when Jenny moved from our London office to our Redmond headquarters, she finally embraced her disability and reached out to management for support. We met up with Jenny at her office to talk about her experience and how she’s gone on to spearhead a company-wide cross disability group.

Jenny, did you always want to work in technology?
I actually wanted to be a musician. When I was a child, my mother would have me sit on speakers so that I could feel the music. I played the recorder and then flute, clarinet and piano. I studied music at university with an eye on a career as a musician or music therapist.