Not to bury the lead, we'll start first with this exciting piece out of Business Insider this week. Business Insider spoke with CSS CVP, Barbara Gordon, and Community & Online Support GM, Toby Richards. The author, Mark Feldman, then compared what he found in Microsoft's customer support to what Apple can provide. Well, I'll let you read more to see what he decided (spoiler alert: there's a reason we're posting this).

Why Microsoft is 3X Better than Apple for Customer Support

The Microsoft Online Customer Support Team
In sharp contrast, my discussions with Barbara Gordon, Corporate Vice President, Customer Service and Support for Microsoft were completely open and transparent.  When asked about their approach to customer support, “We want to give our customers the ability to get resolutions to their issues with the least amount of work possible.”

Barbara went on to add, “We are always thinking about how we hold ourselves accountable for increasing customer (support) expectations.” She went on to explain how they measure first call resolution statistics and other key metrics in real time to ensure Microsoft is meeting their customers’ key challenges

Given how open Barbara and other team members are with answering questions and listening to feedback, it appeared to me that Microsoft is constantly checking the pulse of their support communities to ensure they are providing best-in-class customer support. Seems like the better approach. 

 So given that backdrop, how do the two companies compare? 

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Now, after getting completely energized about working for CSS - here are a couple of great openings we have right now! Both of which are in PQO - the organization Richards calls home as well.

  • SDET - Redmond, WA (753104)
  • SDET 2 - Redmond, WA (753780)