Not everyone has the opportunity to win an ACC Title or play pro-football straight out of college.  Then too, not everyone has the opportunity to work with a multinational, internationally recognized, Forbes 50 company before the ink their new BA degree dries.

What to do when faced with BOTH choices?  Take the long bet. 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported this is exactly what Georgia Tech graduate, Albert Rocker, did when he accepted a Technical Account Manager (TAM) role with Microsoft, foregoing dreams of a shot at the NFL. It’s been said that Rocker will be the first Division I athlete to participate in Microsoft’s Academy for College Hires (MACH).  This six-year-old program has groomed more than 15,000 new graduates for success at Microsoft!

As a TAM, Rocker will be part of the CSS community, interfacing with Microsoft clients and support teams to coordinate and deliver world-class products and services.  Let’s wish him continued Success!

To read the full Atlanta Journal-Constitution article  click here.  For more information about the MACH program read this.

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