With PerformancePoint Monitoring Server you can directly import SSAS 2005 KPIs into a scorecard using the Scorecard wizard. The following steps illustrate this process:

1. Create your data source and publish to the server.

2. Right click on Scorecards and select New Scorecard.

3. Select Microsoft from the Category selection, the Analysis Services template, ensure that the Use Wizards to Create Scorecards selection is selected, and click OK.

4. Assign a name for your scorecard, optionally assign a display folder and permissions. Click Next.

5. Select your data source. Click Next.

6. Select Import SQL Server Analysis Services KPIs, click Next.

7. Select the KPIs you wish to import, click Next.

8. Optionally add measure filters, click Next. Optionally add column members, click Finish.


9. Notice that the formatting from the cube does not get imported into the KPI. Edit each KPI to adjust the formatting or use Bulk Edit to edit the KPIs with similar formatting.

10. Your scorecard will now look as follows:


11. Publish your scorecard and deploy it to Sharepoint.

If you review a KPI in the Dashboard Designer that was created by an import of an SSAS KPI, you will notice that the Data Mapping come over as Custom MDX formulas and the Banding Method is Band by Stated Score. The indicator type in SSAS 2005 should be honored once imported to the Dashboard Designer.




Alyson Powell Erwin (alysonp@microsoft.com)