When linking dashboard filters to analytic report views, care must be taken to ensure that the hierarchies are identical in both the dashboard filter and the analytic report view. With SSAS 2005, cubes commonly contain attribute hierarchies as well as natural or user-defined hierarchies that are very similar. If a user selects the natural or user-defined in the analytic chart or grid but the attribute hierarchy in the dashboard filter and then links the two together you can receive the following error upon executing a cross drill operation:

"An Unexpected error occurred. Error ReportViewControlUnexpectedError"

"This error has been logged for the administrator"

From the Event Lot - you will see the following message:

"Exception message: The hierarchy name is not found within the query."

To resolve the issue, you need to ensure that the hierarchy selected in the analytic chart or grid and the hierarchy selected in the dashboard filter match.

An example is shown below:

In the report view, the Geography user-defined hierarchy is selected:


In the dashboard filter, the Geography.Country hierarchy is selected:


The view will render fine initially as shown below, but will error upon a cross-drill operation:




Alyson Powell Erwin (alysonp@microsoft.com)