By default, dashboard filters remember the last selected item between sessions. This means user selections will be remembered, even if the dashboard is closed and reopened. For example, Anna opens the dashboard the first time and selects Illinois for District:


The dashboard content is updated for Illinois. Anna finishes her analysis session and closes her browser. The next week, Anna returns to the dashboard to see how her district is performing. Because her previous selection is remembered, Anna doesn't have to select Illinois again to filter the dashboard:


In some cases, you may want to disable this capability to allow the default filter selection to be used anytime the dashboard is opened. In our example above, the District filter would display "All" anytime the dashboard is opened. Anna's selection would not be remembered.

The following steps explain how to disable filter persistence in PerformancePoint Server:

1) Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the Database Engine where the PPSMonitoring database is located.

2) Check to see if there are any saved parameter values in the ParameterValues table.  Remove these entries if they exist by executing the following:


2) Expand Databases > PPSMonitoring > Programmability > Stored Procedures.

3) Right-click dbo.ParameterValuesCreate and select Modify.

4) Comment out the following section of code, as shown in these images:

Start Comment Code


End Comment Code


5. Click Execute to make the changes.



NOTE:  You will also need toremove the saved values in the database

To enable filter persistence again, remove the comment markers from the code and click Execute.


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