When setting up conditionally displayed report views the question often arises -"How do I set up a default view to be shown when no KPIs are selected?" This is the case when the scorecard first loads, a view will not be conditionally shown until a user clicks on a KPI. What you often find is that you want to set up a view that will be shown upon opening the dashboard page and then that view can be switched once users click on KPIs in the scorecard that have other reports conditionally linked to them. In order to set up this default view display, take the following actions:

1. Set up a display condition from the scorecard to the report view you wish to conditionally display. For details see: http://blogs.msdn.com/performancepoint/archive/2007/06/15/how-do-i-link-a-report-to-a-kpi-in-a-performancepoint-dashboard.aspx

2. When selecting the KPI to conditionally link the view to, select the Select None button.


This will set up the report view to be shown when no KPIs are selected within the scorecard - thus enabling a report view that will be shown upon first loading the dashboard page and scorecard. It is likely that you will also want that same report view to be shown when some of the KPIs within the scorecard are also selected. For example, I may want my default report view to be shown when no KPIs are selected upon initial dashboard load and also when a user clicks on the Operation Scorecard objective, the Increase Revenue objective, etc. In this instance, you will have to set up two separate display conditions. The first one set up as outlined below, the second one set up with the KPIs/Objectives selected that should also trigger the same view being shown. Example shown below:


While not ideal - it will accomplish what you are after.

**NOTE: this capability has been added with PerformancePoint Monitoring Server SP1 - you will need to install SP1 to use this functionality.

Alyson Powell Erwin