The SQL Server team has made a small change to the location of the web service that PPS calls in order to render SQL Server Reporting Services reports when running in SharePoint Integrated mode.  In this blog post, I’m going to go over how to work around that problem and get your reports rendering again.

The changes in Denali now have SSRS running inside the SharePoint Shared Service architecture, which in the long term will make management of this service a lot easier for the people responsible for making sure the service is up and running.  As a consequence of this change, the web service that PPS relies on (ReportExecution2005.asmx) changed location.  It is now located in the _vti_bin folder along with the other SharePoint web services.  Accordingly, we need to point the Report Server URL parameter in Dashboard Designer to this folder.

Using SQL 2008 you would give this:


With Denali, you now have to give this:


And if you’re doing anything fancy with non root site collections, you’ll also need to put that in the path, as follows:


Here’s a screenshot showing what it should look like in Dashboard Designer:


Once you make this change in Dashboard Designer and save the SSRS object, everything should work.  No need to republish any Dashboards.

If you’re having trouble getting Reporting Services to work in SharePoint integrated mode in the first place, here are a few resources that helped get me started: