PerformancePoint Services 2010 (PPS) provides a variety of ways to use data in analytic solutions. The usage of Analysis Services cubes and SharePoint lists in PerformancePoint is relatively well understood. Upcoming posts from the Office BI team will focus on some less well-understood aspects of getting and using data in PerformancePoint dashboards.

Here are the topics that we plan to cover:

  • Using Excel Services to create data that is presented in PerformancePoint scorecards
  • Using PowerPivot to incorporate publicly available data sets in your PerformancePoint dashboards
  • How to use Cascading filters to deal with cubes that contain large dimensions.

If you'd like to hear about something else, or have tips about novel ways to get and use data in PerformancePoint, please leave a comment below.

Dave Sherman | Senior Program Manager | Office BI