• PerformancePoint Services

    Changing the Look of your PerformancePoint Dashboards with SharePoint Themes


    SharePoint 2013 has added some beautiful, new themes to their "Change the Look" functionality within Site Settings. And now, the PerformancePoint Services team has added functionality that will pick up those themes and manifest them in published dashboards. This allows enterprises to use SharePoint's out-of-the-box themes, or to create corporate-specific master pages, and know that the specific themes that they create will look beautiful across their grids and scorecards in PerformancePoint.

  • PerformancePoint Services

    Introducing PerformancePoint Services 2013

    Greetings, everyone. It has certainly been a big few weeks for us here on the Office team. The Office Next blog was released, and it's overflowing with great information. Plus, information about the integration throughout Office BI, and how people experience...
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